We are well aware of the publics fears and worries regarding security - we offer a wide range of excellent quality, reliable Gardiner Technology equipment. Easy to use security alarm systems, security lighting, domestic CCTV cameras and baby/car watch systems.

Speech dialer could connect your existing alarm system to up to 4 phones mobile or fixed, or if preferred, pager. This month offer 135.00

Full system test & service of your present alarm system (Maintenance contracts under taken on existing security systems)


(Time and care on installations) for more information contact us

Questions and Answers
Some of our most commonly asked questions

Am I likely to be troubled by false activations?
No, we only use the best quality equipment manufactured by Gardiner Technology UK. False alarms are extremely rare.

How simple is it to use? I.e. will my children be able to use it?
Our systems are very 'User Friendly'. Other members of the family can even have their own personal code.

Will my dog or cat set off the alarm system?
If you have pets we can install special pet immune detectors.

Can we set the system at night time?
Yes, you simply enter your code followed by a part arm button. This would then switch the ground floor on and allow you to use the bathroom at night.

Can we add to the system?
Yes, there are a wide range of detectors that can be added to your system. Please do not hesitate to discuss the options with the engineer.

What happens if we have a power cut?
The system has its own backup supply. This will automatically take over in the event of power loss. When power is restored the battery will recharge itself.

What happens if the alarm is activated in my absence?
Our system will sound an alarm for 20 minutes. After this period the external sounder will stop. After 1 minute the alarm system will automatically reset itself.

Can an intruder disarm the system?
No, our systems are fully tamper proof. In the event of someone attempting to remove any sensor or cutting a wire the alarm would sound instantly.


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